The screwdriver (or turnscrew) is probably one of the most abused of all tools

The right screwdriver should always be used for each job, but there are so many variations of application that users often tend to make do with what is available

The range of tip sizes and shapes, blade shapes, sizes, widths & handle shapes and compositions provide endless variations 

A multitude of screwdrivers should not be seen as the weakness of the compulsive tool buyer but the strength of a good tool kit.

The length of a screwdriver describes the length of the blade and not the length overall so a 6in screwdriver will have a 6in long blade.

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  • Make sure you have the right one!
  • A collection of Screwdrivers is good

Screwdriver Tip Profiles

Tip profiles are shown below to help identify and select the type of screwdriver required.

Screwdrivers Tips For Recessed Head Screws

These were originally produced in four sizes (point size 1 the smallest, point size 4 the largest), but three smaller sizes (0, 00 and 000) are now available for electronic and instrument work. A number of tips are available:

It should be noted that Phillips - the original is now diminishing in use


Pozidriv being introduced to provide a more positive fit


Supadriv has been introduced as an improvement to Pozidriv

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