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Renovating your existing staircase with "Stair Clad"

If you have a stair case which needs a "face lift" try our  Oak Cladding System

This is a simple system available to purchase directly from our Branch and you will get a professional finish for a faction of the cost of replacing with a new Oak Staircase and without the major disruption it would create

Definately something to consider whether you are a builder working for a client or looking for a DIY project

The Oak Stair Cladding System has been developed to fit staircases of all shapes and sizes from a standard 12 tread straight flight to a winding flight with quarter turns

Easily fitted on top of your tired old staircase to give the impression that a brand new stairway has been installed

If you would like to discuss what you will need then contact one of our Joinery experts or come and see for yourself in our Southampton Joinery Showroom where we stock the product

Installation of Oak Staircase Cladding


Example of how easy it is to install - contact us for more information and we can give you full instructions


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