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Redwood vs Whitewood

What’s the difference between Redwood vs Whitewood?

Both redwood timber and whitewood timber are classified as softwoods.  

Both look similar and share similar properties.  

But the way they’re used in the construction industry differs.  


Redwood Whitewood
Known as Pinus Sylvestris - Pine (Commonly known as Scots Pine or European Redwood) Picea Abies - Spruce (Commonly known as Norway Spruce, Sitka Spruce or European Whitewood).
Timber type Softwood Softwood
Imported from Mainly imported from northern Europe - Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia. Mainly imported from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Estonia.
Density Slightly durable, ideal for machining.
Easily absorbs treatment.
  • Lighter and stronger than Redwood.
  • Slightly durable making it ideal for construction purposes.
  • Naturally resists treatment.
Uses Structural
Joinery - Exterior and Interior, including Skirting, Architrave, Dado, Furniture and many more.
Structural use, including studwork and joists.
Joinery – Exterior and interior, including door linings and flooring.
Appearance Light reddish brown. Sapwood is pale yellow to nearly white. White to light yellow.
  • Works well with hand and machine tools
  • Can be glued, stained, varnished and painted
  • Works well with hand and machine tools.
  • Can be glued and painted.
  • Doesn’t stain or varnish easily.
More suitable for 2nd fix 1st fix
Products at Elliotts
  • Treated carcassing
  • Machined softwoods
  • Treated carcassing
  • CLS
  • Treated Battens


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