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3 ways to make your use of timber more sustainable

There is an increased emphasis on looking after and protecting the environment.

In the construction industry, timber is seen as one of the most sustainable construction materials available. Right?

Bob Tee, Timber Products Manager, looks at 3 ways to increase the sustainability of your timber use.

Always specify certified timber

By using certified timber, you are supporting sustainably run forests that replant trees as they are felled. It is easier than ever to get sustainable timber and to find alternatives for timber that may not be certified.

Forest management

Source sustainably for temporary works

Many projects specify certified timber for the build but forget about the temporary works. If you put effort into sourcing sustainable products for the build, the same should go for products you use for temporary works.

It may be that you need to substitute some timber products to achieve this – e.g. switch plywood for OSB. To make this even more sustainable, could you reuse these materials for the same purpose on your next job?

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Disposal of surplus materials

Left over materials at the end of a job is inevitable. If these materials cannot be used on your next job, then consider sending them to a local recycling project. Timber sent to recycling projects is turned into furniture or made available to buy in their raw state. This saves extra waste going to landfill.


Some projects, like the Southampton Wood Recycling Project, will even come and collect the timber depending on the location. More recycling groups can be found here.

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Need timber for your next project?

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