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Is it best to screw or glue chipboard?

Bob Tee, our Timber Products Manager discusses whether you should screw or glue chipboard down.

Chipboard is a popular sheet material that’s used for an assortment of end uses such as flooring, loft panels and kitchen worktops. At Elliotts we sell a lot of chipboard - Egger Protect, Egger Peel Clean Xtra and Egger P5 - in either 18mm or 22mm thick. These sheets come in one size which is 2400 x 600.

Chipboard has its advantages when it comes to price as it’s less expensive than other types of flooring. It’s strong, versatile and it’s able to handle high traffic loads, which makes it perfect as a base layer for a final floor covering.

Do you glue or screw chipboard?

In my experience, I would glue every sheet as this continues the strength integrity of the floor.

If you’re using Egger’s advanced structural flooring system (so either Egger Protect, Peel Clean Xtra or P5), I would use their Joint & Joist Adhesive to bond it together. It’s 5 times stronger than a nailed fixing and it’s so simple to use.

If I was fixing it, I would:

  1. Apply two parallel beads of Egger Joint & Joist Adhesive to the top of the joist
  2. Lay the board across the joist and fix the first row of boards with only one mechanical fixing per joist from the board edge
  3. Apply the adhesive directly to the groove and shoulder of the profile joint
  4. Ensure the entire joint is bonded and then move on to the next row of joists

Just be careful when the boards are butted tightly together as the adhesive is likely to foam out of the board joint. This is normal, just leave it to dry for a while as this will help enhance the protection of the joint.

You’re likely to need a 1kg bottle for every 6 boards so make sure you have enough. All branches stock it, so just ask at the counter.

Egger P5

Are you thinking about laying chipboard?

We have a host of accessories to help you build such as chalk line, carpenters’ pencil, googles, masks, circular saws, spirit levels and cordless drills. Of course, don’t forget your glue.

If you need any help with chipboard, then drop me a line. I’m more than happy to help.

Egger P5
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Got any questions about chipboard?

If you're thinking about chipboard and need some help, just get in touch with our timber experts. 

Not sure what your requirements are or need to place a large order? Speak to us today!

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