Power Tools

Power Tools are available for use by both Professionals and also DIY.  When choosing your power tool you should decide what you are expecting from it and how much use it will have.  There are many well recognised trade names and we always aim to offer quality products at competitive pricing.  Our teams in our Tool centres are very experienced and are able to assist with your choice of product

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Power Tools for the Professional

Whatever your trade we will be able to offer you a tool that will help in your work

Professional Power tools are made to the highest standards and will give long and reliable service to the user.  Particular attention is given to safety in use and ease of handling

All mains operated machines are either double insulated and nearly all machines are available in either 230V or 110V

When ordering 110V models remember to add the suffix "L" to the code.  110V machines are generally stipulated for site use

Tradesmen should always select Professional tools as they are specifically made to copy with prolonged industrial use

Power Tools for DIY

Modern DIY power tools are the result of extensive research and development, both during the manufacturing process and in the field.  Emphasis is placed on balance, precision, safety and control.

The range of tools available is now so large that most home construction or mainenance jobs can be accomplished more speedily and with improved results by the use of the correct power tool.

DIY power tools are not designed for heavy-duty continuous use.  For these purposes a professional tool should be selected