Manhole Covers & Frames

Manhole covers and frames are used everywhere to prevent anyone or anything from falling into the manhole. We can provide manhole covers, frames and gully gratings, with features that are designed to make them durable, safe and easy to install.

Locations of where you place your manhole covers has a huge impact on the type of manhole cover required.

Steel manhole covers are to only be used in slow moving traffic applications. Iron manhole covers reach a higher loading class as the stronger material allows them to carry higher weight loads.

We supply you with all the keys needed to suit recessed trays that come with the Highway Ductile Iron Double Tri. Shop with us to find your perfect manhole cover.

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  • Never use steel covers in any highway situations due to traffic speed and intensity.
  • Covers that are easy to install, durable and safe.
  • Technical information available.

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