Building Chemicals and Mastics

Our Merchant Branches keep a wide range of

  • additives 
  • mastics 
  • tapes
  • fillers
  • foams 
  • cleaners
  • plus relevant accessories

If there is something specific you require please speak to us and we will do our utmost to source the product your require or a suitable alternative

Talk to us about Building chemicals and mastics today

  • Working with well known brands
  • Range of products to offer Solutions

Some of our range...


Evo Stick

Evo Stick "Sticks Like" - sticks where others fail, waterproof & foolproof

"Gripfil" - High performance general purpose gap filling adhesive

"Fast Tak" - Heavy Duty multi purpose Spray adhesive


"The Works" - Multi use Sealant, use on west or dry surfaces, cures underwater

"Joiners Mate" - Liquid wood adhesive, clear polyurethane


"Fast Grab" - 5 minute PV wood adhesive


"D4" - Use on solid timber and engineered joists

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