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What is Red Grandis?

Red Grandis, known by the Latin name Eucalyptus Grandis, is a versatile, high-performance red hardwood.

Red Grandis is native to eastern Australia, but is also grown by plantation in South Africa and South America.

Red Grandis | Hardwood | Elliotts Builders Merchant
Red Grandis at Elliotts

Although native to eastern Australia, the Red Grandis we supply is from Uruguay.

Red Grandis from Uruguay is grown on a family-run plantation, rather than being harvested from a rainforest. By sourcing our Red Grandis in this way, we can supply a 100% FSC certified hardwood that is highly sustainable.

Red Grandis grows to a 60cm diameter over a 20 year period when it is then harvested. This fast-growing timber is well-managed during the growing process and is pruned on a regular basis to ensure the best specimens.

Due to the soil conditions in Uruguay, harvesting takes place all year round and means that Red Grandis has a great continuity of supply.

Red Grandis forest

Why use Red Grandis?

Red Grandis is a cost-effective alternative to Sapele and Meranti and perfect for use as doors, windows, mouldings and where a decorative requirement is needed.

Our Red Grandis is classed as durable to moderately durable and is fungi resistant – this has been independently tested by TRADA.

It is easy to machine and is available as sawn timber, machined mouldings or TEC engineered components.

Red grandis windows
Red grandis door frame

Want to know more about using Red Grandis for your next project?

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