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Drainage solutions: Flow Controls

Flow control products

Most products are low-maintenance and come available with easy remote access and are self-activating, removing the need for a power source. Modern-day flow control products can be tailored to individual specifications by taking into account head height and l/s restrictions.


Eliminating the hassle

We are able to supply a range of flow control products to suit all specifications; including units made with curved backs to eliminate the hassle of having to allocate extra space and labour accommodating standard flat-backed products.


We supply products from ACO, JFC Civils and Crown Water Systems.

ACO water vortex

Q-Brake Vortex

Unlike more conventional methods, ACO Q-Brake Vortex is less prone to blockage. This is due to the vortex flow control system incorporating an outlet orifice which can be 3-6 times greater than the cross sectional area of an equivalent conventional orifice plate. A larger orifice in a Q-Brake Vortex therefore facilitates greater flows through the unit when the upstream head of water is low.

  • Rate: 2-100 litres per second
  • Individually configured to suit performance criteria
  • Flexible fitting options, custom built to suit the profile of the chamber
  • Remote access bypass door
  • Available with a curved back

JFC Civils

HYDRO Valve Vortex Flow Control

Manufactured to customer specifications in order to achieve a specified flow rate at a given head height, this self-activating device uses vortex principles to control and attenuate stormwater flow without the need for moving parts or the need for an external power source.

  • Rate: 1-50 litres per second
  • Typical head heights: 450-3000mm
  • Fast Installation
  • Customised specification
  • 3-6 times greater orifice
  • Hydraulic data available
JFC Civils

Hydro-Valve Slider Vortex Flow Control

The Hydro-Valve Slider has the added benefit of an innovative and unique sliding vortex chamber feature for ease of inspection and maintenance.

  • Typical flow rate: 1-20 litres per second
  • Typical head heights: 450-2500mm
  • Innovative and unique sliding vortex valve chamber allows for quick and easy operation from ground level should maintenance be required
  • Design allows for direct, unobstructed access to the downstream pipe
crown systems vortexflowcontrol2
Crown Water Systems

Vortex Flow Control

The Vortex Flow Control unit is a surface water regulator. It is entirely self-activating and requires no manual intervention. Each Vortex Flow Control is individually designed to deliver optimum performance and to ensure ease of installation.

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