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Forget stair cladding, installing a brand new-staircase is surprisingly a lot cheaper than you thought.


Joinery Products Manager, Dominic Rice, has more.

“A couple of years ago, stair cladding was really popular. It’s a fantastic idea but having installed these systems myself, they’re tricky and time-consuming. Plus, they can rack up a bill!

“It’s actually more cost-effective to install a brand-new staircase, which most people wouldn’t necessarily realise. Once we understand what the customer wants, we design the staircase and provide a quote. We then work with a supplier to get it made and delivered and then it’s just installation, which is a lot easier than fitting fiddly parts of cladding around an existing staircase.

“Of course, if you are working to a tight budget, you can renovate a staircase using a few select components like handrails, base rails, balusters and newel caps. These components can be easily retrofitted to an existing staircase by a competent carpenter/DIY’er.

“When you start looking at replacing/cladding other aspects of the staircase, it becomes a lot more labour intensive and hence a lot more expensive. Also, the majority of these components are structural, so they can’t be easily removed without taking the whole staircase apart.

"The best thing to do is pick up the phone (013 8038 5385) or drop me an email and see how we can help."

Stairs from TwoTwenty

Stairs from TwoTwenty

Stairs from TwoTwenty

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