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Friday, June 16, 2017 - 13:58

Our Christchurch branch recently took its first delivery of stock from YBS Insulation.

We now offer SuperQuilt and BreatherQuilt from the YBS range. Both products provide strong thermal performance, are non-degradable and good value for money.

SuperQuilt is one of the best performing Multifoils on the market, offering multilayer insulation and flexibility. Suitable for roofs, floors and walls, 19 layers control thermal conduction and convection as well as radiated energy. It creates an effective vapour control layer and will also combat thermal overheating in the summer months.

BreatherQuilt has been designed to replace standard breather membrane and give a high level of thermal performance. The 2 in 1 insulating breather membrane can effectively deal with condensation and all forms of energy transfer. Lightweight and thin, it is the equivalent of 65mm of mineral wool insulation, while also providing a breathable underlayment.

Here’s how BreatherQuilt compares to a traditional 2-in-1 breather insulation on the market:

YBS BreatherQuilt TLX Gold
Thermal Resistance; Roof 1.62 1.2
Certified External Surface Emissivity (Reflectiveness) 0.05 0.16
Additional Insulation Required for 0.18** 105mm PIR (0.022) 115mm PIR (0.022)
LABC Registered; Roof Yes Yes
Agrement Certified Yes Yes
Thermal Tested to required EN standards by a European Notified Laboratory(5) Yes Yes
Outer Surface Material Aluminium Foil Metalised Plastic
Applications Draped + Counter Draped + Counter
Square metre per roll 12m2 12m2

*Based on 13mm clear cavity below + 19mm Tile Batten above (Draped Detail)

**Based on 13mm clear cavity below Breathable Multifoil + 19mm Tile Batten above (Draped Detail) Rafters 50mm width @ 600m centres

On receiving the delivery from YBS, Chris Brierley, Roofing Specialist at Elliotts commented:

“As a business we put a lot of effort into ensuring we stock a wide range of products to help our customers build. I’m excited about bringing the YBS product range in to our portfolio of building materials.”

Chris continued, “A product like SuperQuilt not only helps reduce the thickness of roof and wall construction, but also saves space in the branch compared to other insulation materials. We expect SuperQuilt and the BreatherQuilt to be very popular.” 

For more information about SuperQuilt and BreatherQuilt insulation, contact Chris Brierley on 01202 023672.

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