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How we can help with Airtightness on your project

We recognise how important Airtightness is in the build process and have now taken a range of product into stock from 

Our main stocking branch is at Southampton

These include Airtightness and Vapour Control Membranes & Tapes

Protect VC Foil Ultra insulating Vapour Control Layer and Air Barrier

This is a robust highly reflective low emissivity vapour control layer used to enhance the thermal performance of the wall, ceiling or floor construction.

  • Suitable for use in all types of construction in conjunction with a still air cavity (ie; timber, masonry or steel construction).
  • Reflective surface enhances the performance of the structure.
  • Reduces unwanted air leakage.
  • Helps meet the requirements of Approved Document Part L.
  • Excellent vapour resistance.
  • Extremely robust construction virtually eliminates site damage.
  • Excellent nail tear.
  • Easy to cut and lightweight to handle.
  • Independently certified. 
  • Integral sealing tapes on joints of 1.35 and 1.5m wide product.

Protect Barriair Vapour Control Layer and Air Barrier

Protect BarriAir with integrated lap and sealing tapes is a high performance and multi-purpose coated non-woven membrane which forms a highly effective air leakage barrier with vapour control qualities.

  • Provides an airtight system when installed with sealed laps.
  • Dramatically reduces heat loss through the building fabric.
  • Improves the thermal performance of all insulants by reducing convection flows.
  • Tough, durable with high tear resistance.
  • Easy to cut and lightweight to handle in 1.5 x 50m rolls.
  • Provides support to mineral wool and rock fibre when fixed to timber frame studs or rafters.
  • Helps to avoid interstitial condensation risk within insulation in accordance with BS 5250.
  • Integral sealing tapes on joints of 1.5m wide product

Protect Sealing Tapes

The Protect range of sealing tapes has been developed to complement the Protect range of roofing underlays, timber frame/cladding membranes and vapour control layers, primarily to help reduce uncontrolled air leakage in both domestic and non-domestic buildings. Sealing overlaps on wall and other membranes can contribute quite significantly to reducing energy loss by air leakage.


  • Protect Reveal Tape designed to seal structural reveals of the building to edge of window frames, in window and door reveals to maintain AVCL integrity and to seal wall to floor and wall to ceiling junctions.
  • Protect Double Sided Tape for sealing laps of all membranes.
  • Protect Reflective Reinforced Tape designed for sealing overlaps of VC Foil Ultra, TF200 Thermo and other membranes.
  • Protect Reinforced Universal Tape designed as a general purpose tape for sealing overlaps of all mebranes.
  • Protect Butyl (Nail) Sealing Tape designed to form a moisture type seal between Protect membranes and rafters and to seal membranes to masonry.
  • Protect VC Foil Tape designed for sealing simple overlaps for VC Foil Ultra.

We are also able to help with other non stock products so if you need a solution please contact our Insulation and Drylining Product Manager Ed Butcher on 07826 946575

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