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How to get more natural light into a building with no windows

Whether you are involved in a new build or renovation, using natural daylight as a lighting source can save on hefty electricity bills and make a room feel larger, airier and more attractive. Natural daylight can also help homeowners and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, which for larger corporations means lower taxes.

But what happens when you are renovating a listed building, are lighting a basement, bathroom or hallway, where there is no chance to install a window or skylight?

Sunpipes are a great way to introduce natural light into your building without using windows.


These products can bring natural light into rooms without windows by collecting daylight through a pipe.  A special dome on the outside of the building connects to a mirror finished aluminium tube that collects daylight. A ceiling diffuser in the room evenly distributes the collected light around the rooms. These pipes can be used in many applications from small windowless bathrooms to corridors in commercial buildings, hospitals to sport halls.

Some systems incorporate natural daylight and ventilation, a solution which is extensively used in education and commercial sectors as it is a great solution for conference and meeting rooms.  

Installation can be carried out within two to three hours and generally requires no structural alterations as the pipes fit between joists and rafters. The top dome is self cleaning and is nearly maintenance free. 

Discreet enough for listed buildings, in our experience we have found that in most cases it is not necessary to apply for planning permission, although you should always check with your local planning office before making any changes


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