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Five decisions to make before you start building a brick wall

Using brick enhances the appearance of any property. Depending on the scale of your project you could take it on yourself, but bricklaying is a learned skill so we would always suggest using an experienced tradesman.

1. Select the right brick

You might want to match or contrast existing brickwork if building an extension or if you are repairing a wall you will want the closest match. We can help you to make these decisions and will guide you through selecting the correct brick out of our wide choice in stock at all our merchant branches. We can even obtain them directly from the manufacturer if you can't find the right match in store.

2. Choose the right quality of brick

Brick walls are attractive and durable when designed correctly and built with the appropriate materials. By selecting a frost resistant brick you will lengthen the life of your wall and avoid bricks deteriorating and looking unsightly from frost damage.

3. Pick the perfect mortar joint

Mortar joint profiles are important to consider because they can influence the amount of water penetrating the brickwork. There are five main types of mortar joints: flush, recessed, bucket handle, weather struck and weather struck and cut.

4. Decide on a bond

Brickwork bonds can enhance and add stability to a wall. Click here to read about the different types of brickwork bonds.

5. Coping or no coping?

Copings on top of the wall can also reduce the water penetration into the brickwork. They are often an engineering quality brick and can be contrasting in colour.

Elliotts' brick library located in Southampton have experienced people who can help you make the right decisions for your wall, so come in and talk to us about your project, or call us on 023 8038 5389.

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