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Installing a Green Roof System will help keep the building cool during warm weather by reducing the heat absorption - in some circumstances a green roof design can help to secure planning approval
It will also assist with noise reduction through a better acoustic performance as plants and trees provide natural sound insulation
Environmentally it has some great credentials as unlike hard construction materials like roof tiles which discharge water very quickly into an urban drainage system and then eventually into our rivers Green Roofs can retain a very high percentage of rainwater and provide a slow and controlled water run off.  This all adds to sustainability and reduces flood risk
Growing evergreen, self generating, drought resistant plants such as grasses or sedums on your roof can benefit the environment and improve the insulation of your property.  
Green Roof construction is best suited to flat roofs and those pitched at angles of less than 35 degrees
If installating a green roof on a flat roof area this can also provide an additional outside space for leisure and gardening
Green roofs are cost effective, lightweight and easy to maintain
Benefits of Green Roofs both from a sustainable and financial aspect
  • Ecological
  • Creates a natural habitat for flora and fauna
  • Aids Biodiversity
  • Good Storm water management
  • Environmental masking
  • Improves air quality
  • improved insulation and reduced running costs
  • reduced construction costs and low maintenance

Our Roofing Contracting Team have extensive experience installing Green Roofs and can provide you with any additional advise if you are considering a Green Roof

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We are also able to offer a Self Install product if you have a small roof over a porch or shed that you would like to turn green

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