How we're trading safely

We’re committed to helping you build come rain or shine.


Many COVID-19 changed on July 19th 2021. Here is how we’ll be trading going forward:

Keeping a safe distance

Perspex screens in branches

Social distancing is no longer mandatory, but all Perspex screens will remain in place at branch counters.

Keep washing your hands - coronavirus

Washing our hands 

It’s simple, but effective. All our teams have access to plenty of soap and sanitiser and have been encouraged to wash their hands regularly and for 20 seconds.  

We’ll have pop-up handwashing stations outside every branch which you are more than welcome to use.

Keeping areas clean - coronavirus

Keeping areas clean 

Although we always keep our branches clean, we’ve put even more focus on this.  

Our teams will be regularly cleaning frequently touched areas, including door handles and payment terminals. 

Our yard teams will also be cleaning forklift controls after each use. 

Coming into branch?

Face coverings are no longer a legal requirement if you’re visiting one of our branches or showrooms.

Our teams have been recommended to still wear face coverings, and we’d welcome you to do the same.

We’ll continue to send your paperwork to you by email if possible.

Elliotts Totton - exterior 2
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