Introducing Top Trumps – Elliotts style!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 08:33
Horse & Cart vs Modern Lorry
Introducing...Top trumps - Elliotts Style

We’re continuing our 175th anniversary celebrations with the release of our own Elliotts-style Top Trumps!

Our deliveries have changed a lot over the past 175 years. We started off with horse & cart but now our fleet of red lorries take the reins.

We got a lot of attention when we recreated a horse & cart delivery recently. We’re now asking you to vote on whether you prefer the old or the new.

Are you #TeamHorse or #TeamLorry?

Cast your vote

You can cast your vote over on our Facebook and Twitter pages by commenting #TeamHorse or #TeamLorry on our Top-Trumps-style video.

But be quick! Voting closes on Monday 19th February at 10am.

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