Tiles are probably the most common roof covering for housing and are available in a range of sizes, profiles and materials and can also be used as Cladding or as creasing tiles

When deciding on a tile there are a number of criteria which you will need to consider such as finding a tile suitable for the pitch of your roof, also you will probably be looking for a tile which will complement or contrast the wall finish being used

Planners may want a tile to match in with existing properties - we can provide samples

On any roofing project there will be a requirement for Tile Fittings such as Ridge, Verge, Eaves, Bonnets and other feature tiles - many of these would be a standard stock item but if we dont we can place these on order for you

Speak to us about your Tile Requirements

  • Samples can be provided for planners or clients
  • Good range of fittings available
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