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Some of the product ranges we can help you with


Windposts are designed to span vertically between floors to provide lateral support for panels of brickwork.

Windposts can be installed into either the inner leaf of blockwork or into the cavity leaving the blockwork undisturbed.

They are designed to suit specific applications and are supplied complete with end connections and ties

Please let us have your enquiries to priceĀ 

Low Conductivity Wall Ties

Wall Ties are an essential element in the strength and stability of cavity walls but by spanning the cavity they become a thermal bridge between the internal and external skins

Generally the wider the insulated cavity the more substantial the wall tie needs to be and this means it has a greater effect on the U value of the wall

The challenge has been to reduce the thermal conductivity while still meeting the Governments ambitious energy efficiency targets and meeting the structural performance required in construction

Ancon has met this challenge with a range of Low conductivity wall ties

More technical information and pricing is available on request

Wall Ties for use with Cellular Clay Blocks

We stock a range of wall ties designed to be used with Cellular Clay Blocks in particularly Porotherm

Specifically designed for use where the horizontal bed joints are just 1mm

Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel and suitable for housing and commercial applications

There are a range of products designed for use with these types of blocks - contact us for more information

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