Geotextiles & Ground Stabilisation

We are a stockist of Fastrack Woven Geotextile Fabric which is often specified by both civil and marine engineers

Common requirements for these products are for ground stabilization on roads, railways, embankments as well as foundations.  It tends to be used as a separating layer beneath roads, preventing rutting and providing tensile support

In addition there are many other types of Geotextiles and grid systems available and we are happy to advise on solutions for ground stablisation, reinforcement, erosion control, drainage, environmental protection, grass protection, weed supressants - in fact we are confident we will find the right product for your project  

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  • Geotextiles are commonly used for soil seperation and ground stabilisation

Wrekin Fastrack 609 Woven Geotextile Fabric is a standard stock product at Elliotts Branches

Other products can be obtained - just discuss with our Civils Team

Wrekin are one of the UK's premier suppliers of Geosynthetics - Click here to view information on the full range of Wrekin Geosynthetics