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Timber joists vs I-Joists

As well as providing virtually no shrinkage, eliminating the annoyance of squeaky floors, I-Joists are much easier and quicker to install – a great solution for those with time constraints.

But just how cost and time effective can it be to use I-Joists over traditional timber floor joists?

"The "Timber joist vs I-joist" infographic opposite shows the material and time saved by using I-joists based on example floor drawing. The number of joists required is less then half with no need for washers and bolts and a 75% reduction on the amount of hangers needed when compared with using timber joists. This then reflects in the install times, which goes a long way to showing why more and more builds are swaying towards using I-Joists." - Pat Vanderman

Below is an example of I-Joists being used during a build in 2016.



Have more questions about I-Joists? Check out our I-Joist FAQ.

timber vs I-joist
Did you know that we can supply I-Joists for your build?

Here at Elliotts, we can supply I-Joists bespoke to your requirements. Our dedicated team of timber engineering experts are on hand to provide a quote based on your drawings.

Want to find out more about I-Joists?

With the potential for greater monetary and time saving opportunities by using I-joists, why not speak to our team about using them in your next project?


Have more questions about I-Joists? Check out our I-Joist FAQ.

I-joist drawings - Elliotts

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