We celebrated 175 years by delivering materials by horse & cart!

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 08:44
Stuart Mason-Elliott and Tom Elliott with the horse and cart outside head office
The horse and cart arriving into the timber yard

On Wednesday 8th November, we celebrated 175 years in business by going back in time to 1842 and delivering materials to a customer by horse & cart.

Our staff took goods to Southampton builders RH Hammond in traditional style from our headquarters at Millbank Wharf using an authentic 19th century flatbed dray, pulled by two horses.

The cart was loaded with sand and timber by Elliotts staff, Roger Tarry and Billy Target, dressed as 1800s yardsmen, before departing to make the delivery to Queens Terrace. There, it was received by longstanding customer Richard Hammond, Managing Director of RH Hammond. Like Elliotts, the building firm which was founded in 1894 is still family-owned.

Tom Elliott, Managing Director, and his father Stuart Mason-Elliott, Chairman, dressed in 1840’s attire for the occasion, with Stuart even arriving to site on his penny farthing bicycle.

According to familybusinessunited.com, Elliotts is the 111th oldest family-owned business in the world. Reflecting on how Elliotts has grown over the last 175 years, Stuart Mason-Elliott said:

“Back in 1842, my ancestor Thomas Elliott ran a very different company. Our headquarters is still on Millbank Wharf in Northam but we now have 13 branches across the south and nearly 300 staff. We pride ourselves on our old-fashioned customer service and enjoy great relationships with our customers and suppliers.”

The horse & cart arrived to the delivery location in Queens Terrace, just before midday, where the materials were then received by RH Hammond.

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