Meet the new kid on the block!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - 12:14
Nigel Green | Southampton Sales Rep | Elliotts
Landscaped area with Elliotts in background

Say hello to Nigel Green, our new Southampton Sales Representative.

Well, we say new…Nigel actually joined us at the start of March.

But just as Nigel was getting ready to meet his customers, coronavirus came along!

But did this deter us or Nigel? Nope!

We had to close the doors to our yards and branches, but Nigel stayed on. He formed part of our awesome central team who continued working to supply materials to customers who were still working on urgent projects.

Showing what a great guy he was, Nigel got stuck in and spent the next 10 weeks with our Southampton yard team helping to load and unload lorries.

“I was thrown straight into it and it was hard work”, said Nigel.

“But it was great to be lending a hand and getting to know more about the products stocked at the branch.”

Nigel then moved into our Southampton branch and helped the team process orders. And he’s made quite the impression!

“A top notch addition to Southampton” and “He’s settled into our mad little team perfectly” are just some of the comments from his new colleagues.

But what does he think about his new team?

“They’ve been fantastic and have helped me so much.”

“Everyone at Elliotts has been so welcoming and helpful. It wasn't the start to the job that I expected, but in lots of ways I've had the best possible start. I've learnt so much about the people, the company and the products!" 

And now that trade is returning to normal(ish), Nigel can finally start heading out to meet his customers.

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