We’re supporting the trades of the future

Monday, November 4, 2019 - 08:13
Kulwant Gautam, Construction and Professional Build Learning Manager at City College, with Emma McTaggart and James Harris from Elliotts.

We’ve partnered with City College Southampton and their construction students!

End-of-line and damaged building materials from our Southampton branch will be donated to the City College construction departments under the new partnership. Sheet materials, internal doors and bricks have already been received by the college in a first round of donations.

Our marketing team met with Kulwant Gautam, Construction and Professional Build Learning Manager at City College who was able to show them how the donated materials were being used.

The impressive construction course facilities at City College Southampton supports 180 full time students, which includes 30-40 apprentices, along with 30 evening students. Courses range from brickwork, to carpentry, to electrical.

The college are incredibly waste conscious when it comes to using their materials. A brick will be reused 6/7 times and doors 3/4 times so students can get full use out of them.

Kulwant said, “We are very grateful for the donations of timber boards, bricks and doors from Elliotts. Our students have been keen to work with them.”

“It was wonderful to be able to show their team around our construction departments so they could see first-hand what an impact their donation had and what work the students were creating.

“We are always keen to create partnerships with local businesses and are also planning industry talks together.”

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