Trovex - hygienic wall cladding

Trovex - hygienic wall cladding

Trovex is cladding product which offers practical, attractive and innovative hygienic finishes for projects where hygiene is essential

It meets the high specifications required within healthcare, food preparation environments as well as education and hospitality

The Trovex Diamond product is available in panels with the built in power of Bactiban which prevents bacteria on walls and ceiling

This is a very versatile product as it can be thermo formed around corners to give an almost seamless finish.  A range of fittings and accessories are available to provide an easy clean finish

Suitable for food preparation areas and is ideally suited to sterile clinical areas providing

Trovex Gallery

Unlimited design possibilities for hygienic spaces.Trovex Gallery enables  graphics to be specially produced on panels for use in corridors, reception areas, gyms or restaurants

such as

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Almost seamless, completely grout-free panel system

resistant to impact, spills and stains

Safe, Stylish & Hygenic

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