Polystorm Crates - "an overview"

Polystorm Crates - "an overview"

As a major supplier of Polypipe we stock and can obtain product to suit your requirements on site

Polypipe's range includes crates designed to provide attenuation or soakaway at a range of depths

PLUS they are available in loadings suitable for  pedestrian areas up to heavy traffic areas which are able to cope with HGV parking etc

An overview of the range........

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Polystorm Lite

Designed for non-trafficed applications with 20 tonne per m2 compressive strength

Generally used in landscaped areas such as parks and playgrounds

Will take general maintenance vehicles such as grass cutters


Suitable for loadings up to 40 tonne per m2 compressive strength
Ideal for attentuation or soakaways, under areas such as housing developments and car parks


Will take loadings up to 61 tonnes per m2 compressive strength with the added benefit of a higher recycled material content

Polystorm Xtra

Having compressive strengths of 80 tonnes per m2  

Suitable for use in very heavily trafficed areas such as lorry parks and Industrial access roads

There are other ancillary products available to suit all of the above

Attenuation & soakaway solutions

extensive product range

offering the right product for your project

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