Modern Slavery Act

Modern Slavery 

Tackling modern slavery is one of the government’s top priorities. Every year, we produce a statement showing the acts we’ve taken to help tackle this global issue. 

What is modern slavery? 

The Prime Minister has described modern slavery as the greatest human rights issue of our time. Today, it is more likely to be about being exploited and completely controlled by someone else, without being able to leave.

Home Secretary, Amber Rudd added, “Modern slavery is a brutal way of maximising profits, by producing goods and services at ever lower costs with scant regard for the terrible impact this has on individuals. But my message is clear. Businesses must not be knowingly or unknowingly complicit in this horrendous and sickening crime.”

What is the Modern Slavery Act? 

This was introduced in 2015 to help prevent modern slavery in businesses and supply chains. 

Part of the legislation requires that all large businesses produce an annual statement showing the steps they’ve taken in support of the eliminating modern slavery. 

Our latest statement in response to the Modern Slavery Act can be viewed on this page. 

Read our Modern Slavery Statement

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