Modern Slavery Act

What is the Modern Slavery Act? 

This was introduced in 2015 to help prevent modern slavery in businesses and supply chains. 

Part of the legislation requires that all large businesses produce an annual statement showing the steps they’ve taken in support of eliminating modern slavery. 

Our approach 

Modern slavery goes against everything we stand for. 

We're a family business and work in partnership with our staff, suppliers, customers, local community and trade organisations. 

We're passionate about providing high quality building materials at a great price.
But we'd never accept the use of modern slavery in our supply chain to secure low-cost goods.

Our customers can trust that the products we sell have been responsibly sourced and manufactured. 

Our latest statement in response to the Modern Slavery Act can be viewed below. 

Elliotts Modern Slavery Act statement 2018-19 - click here to view

Elliotts Modern Slavery Act statement 2017-18 - click here to view

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