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How To Lay a Wall Up To Five Times Faster Using Porotherm Blocks

Time is money on a construction site. Anything that can save time and improve production is worth trying out, which is why Porotherm blocks are a popular choice and are revolutionising the building industry.

What is Porotherm?

Porotherm is a modern clay block structural walling system, which, thanks to its interlocking vertical joints and true 1mm bed joint technology, offers fast and virtually dry construction.

Benefits of Porotherm

  • IT'S SUPER FAST The laying speed is up to five times that of traditional masonry

  • DRY Approximately 95% less water than traditional masonry

  • EFFICIENT Excellent thermal mass and good acoustic performance

  • STRONG Typical block strength 10N/mm²

  • SAFE Light, sharp edges removed

  • SUSTAINABLE 20-30% recycled content and with a life expectancy anticipated to be over 100 years, Porotherm offers the ultimate in high performance, sustainable construction

It's ideal for the market because it is drier, cleaner, lighter, safer and more efficient than normal blocks, which results in a higher quality wall built in a lot less time. It's an alternative to timber, concrete and light steel frames and has been used for decades across Europe. It has better thermal performance too, ticking all the boxes for a modern builder.

This video shows the side-by-side comparison of building with concrete blocks and porotherm.

How to use Porotherm blocks

We can offer advise in using porotherm in your next project

Our supplier, Wienerberger has also produced supportive videos to talk you through each step of the simple build process - examples below - if you require more please let us know

Preparing the base course

Mixing ZeroPlus mortar

Brushing down the block 

Mortar rolling technique

Laying the blocks

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