Elliotts celebrates 175th birthday!

Sunday, October 1, 2017 - 08:00
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We are celebrating 175 years of business, having been established since 1st October 1842.

Still family owned 175 years on, Elliotts is now being run by the 6th generation of the Elliott-family, Tom Elliott, with 5th generation Stuart Mason Elliott as company chairman. According to familybusinessunited.com, Elliotts is the 111th oldest family business in the world.


Tom Elliott, Managing Director, says, “It’s a huge milestone and a great time to take stock of why we have been successful.

“I feel proud to be a custodian of the business and play my part in making its future. Not many people in the world can say they run a 175-year-old family business – it’s a unique and very special business that I am honoured to lead. The team we have are incredible and our customers are extremely loyal.”


First established by Thomas Elliott in 1842 at Millbank Wharf in Northam, the site is still the company head office today with an additional 12 branches across Hampshire and Dorset. Over the last 175 years the business has supplied materials to some of Hampshire’s most important developments and infrastructure projects.

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