Special Shapes

Special Shape Bricks are a great way to enhance the appearance of your project, adding kerb appeal to your buildings.  

Create simple features such as plinth courses, bay windows and conservatories, window cills and reveals, boundary walls with cappings.  

Even building garden seating and barbecues can be easily achieved by using bricks and standard shape specials.

We hold a core range of specials in stock within our Branch network

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Let Elliotts guide you on the special shaped bricks available to complete your brickwork.

Special shaped bricks are manufactured as solid, perforated or frogged, depending on location of manufacture and type of clay used. Special shaped bricks are available in Smooth Blue or Smooth Red from selected branches.

AN.1 Squint brick

AN - Angle and cant

Allows you to turn brickwork through 30, 45 and 60-degree angles on plan, create vertical and horizontal chamfers to brickwork for doors and windows and camferred cappings to wall.

BN.1 Single Bullnose brick

BN - Bullnose

Add vertical and horizontal curves to brickwork for doors and windows, subtle curves to projecting brickwork and curved capping details to walls.

AR.1 Tapered Header brick

AR - Arch

With double taper bricks you can form arched openings, including semi-circular, bulls eye and segmental arches.

BD.1.1 Half Bat Snap Header brick

BD - Bonding

Including non-standard cuboid bricks to make brick work bond without the need for cutting bricks on site and create stop ends to brick on edge capping.

PL.3 Plinth Stretcher special brick

PL - Plinth

Use these splayed bricks that create changes in depth to brickwork elevations, for corbel detail and window surround details.

PS.1 Pistol Soldier brick

PS - Pistol

Allows neat and effective detailing of soldier courses around internal and external 90 degree returns.

RD.2 Radial Stretcher brick

RD - Radial

These are used to form circular and curved brickwork in plan without tapered joints.

SD.2 Internal Soldier Return to Single Cant on End brick

SD - Soldier

Create returns for soldier courses in brickwork.

CP.1.1 Half Round Coping brick

CP - Cappings and Copings

These Flush and overhanging specials cap or cope the tops of freestanding walls and parapets.

SP - Spiral

Use these curved shapes to form decorative columns and chimneys.

Contact Helen (helen.lawless@elliotts.uk) in our brick library for more information and help. 

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