Maintenance Free Decking from Millboard

Maintenance Free Decking from Millboard

Why Millboard rather than wood?

Millboard believe there’s nothing as beautiful as wood’s natural grain, which is why  many years have been spent perfecting an innovative, wood-free outdoor alternative that’s just as attractive as the real thing, without the flaws of natural products.

Moulded from real oak Millboard is designed to withstand even the most challenging conditions and will not warp, splinter, rot or fade

It will keep its original appearance ensuring that your outdoor space looks inviting for the years to come

If you are looking for a maintenance free decking product this is a perfect solution whether its for Residential or Commercial once installed it can be enjoyed year after year




Additionally the product is produced in the UK using a low energy process so has a reduced carbon footprint

Anti Slip

Ultra Low Maintenance

Simple to install

Resistant to UV light & Stain resistant