Solar Panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills as sunlight is free.  After your initial installation costs you are able to use the electricity generated. 

In addition you will receive a payment back from the Government for the electricity you generate even if you us it and you are reducing your carbon footprint as Solar Electricity is green renewable energy and doesnt release any harmful carbon.

There are a number of panel types to suit different situations and the performance is continually improving.

In roof systems look far more attractive than the bolt on systems and you are also able to use solar tiles which are designed to be used in place of ordinary roof tiles

Solar panels do not just have to be installed on your roof - ground arrays are also very popular

Our Renewables Team will be able to advise on the best products to use as well as the most suitable position for your installation to ensure you generate the maximum amount of energy

They are also able to assist with monitoring your system to ensure you use the power generated to the best advantage


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  • Fitting service available for existing roofs
  • Able to design Solar into new roofs
  • Experienced team that understand Solar
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