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Why porcelain paving might be right for your next build

We all know that homeowners love kitchen-dining rooms that spill out into the garden.

They want open-plan, light and airy spaces to be able to take the indoors, out.

We see this trend time and time again. We see it on housebuilder plans as well as extension drawings.

So the question is, how do you create a seamless transition between the inside and outside? Porcelain paving could be the answer.

Because it’s versatile you can lay porcelain paving in the kitchen/dining area, conservatory and garden. It’s the product to choose to create a flow from inside to out.

The benefits of porcelain paving

Porcelain is a manmade, hard-wearing ceramic that’s tough and durable. It’s made from natural materials such as highly refined and purified clay and finely ground sand.

  • It’s dense and solid
  • Scratch, stain and abrasion resistant
  • Slip resistant due to very low moisture absorption
  • Highly resistant to severe weather changes including heat, frost and cold
  • Resistant to water
  • Not affected by sunlight
  • Resistant to water
  • Low maintenance, it’s easy to clean
Global Stone - Porcelain paving - Misty Grey
Global Stone Focus range - Misty Grey

800 x 400mm

Global Stone - Porcelain paving - Anthracite
Global Stone Focus range - Anthracite

600 x 600mm

Global Stone - Porcelain paving - Brazilian Gold
Global Stone Focus range - Brazilian Gold

800 x 400mm

Global Stone - Porcelain paving - Urban Beige
Global Stone Focus range - Urban Beige

600 x 600mm

Want to know more about porcelain paving?

Our Global Stone porcelain paving is available at our Christchurch, Fareham, Tadley and Totton branches. Go and have a look at these quality tiles and see for yourself, how porcelain can you help you achieve a desired look and feel.

Not near these branches? Don’t worry, we offer speedy delivery to any branch or direct to your site to help you build.

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