IRWIN 17 Piece Speedbor Max 4X Flat Bit Set (XMS18FBIT17)

£20.83 exc. VAT

Have you ever wanted to cut four times faster than standard flat bits? Well now you can thanks to IRWIN.

This time-saving set of drill bits range from 6 to 38mm, to cover most job sizes and comes with a robust storage wallet.

IRWIN 17 Piece Speedbor Max 4X Flat Bit Set
DeWALT Extreme 3 Work Boots (XMS18BOOT7/8/9/10/11)

£39.99 (no VAT)

These boots were made for working!

DeWALT’s Extreme 3 Safety Boots feature a 200-joule steel toe cap, anti-slip sole and are heat-resistant to 300C. But there’s no compromise on comfort – these lightweight work books have sports technology soles to help look after your feet.

Available in sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

DEWALT Extreme 3 Work Boots
ROUGHNECK 60cm/24" Wide Mouth Tool Bag (XMS18BAG24)

£16.66 exc. VAT

Having a wide mouth on-site is bound to get you into trouble…unless it’s this ROUGHNECK Wide Mouth Tool Bag that is! This lightweight but hard-wearing bag has a large capacity and comes with a level and handsaw sleeve.

The reinforced base and multiple pockets for extra storage make this bag a winner for working on-site.

ROUGHNECK Wide Mouth Tool Bag
BAHCO 34 Piece Socket & Bit Set 2
BAHCO 34-Piece 3/8” Socket & Bit Set (XMS18SSET38)

£24.99 exc. VAT

You can’t go wrong with this 34-piece socket & bit set which features a Dynamic Drive™ profile to protect the sockets from wear and damage.

The sockets are made from high-performance alloy steel and supplied in an oil and temperature resistant case.

Inside you’ll find 12 x 3/8in hex sockets, 1 x 3/8in universal joint, 4 x 1/4in Phillips bits, 1 x 3/8in 60-teeth quick-release ratchet and many more!

IRWIN Mini Clamp Twin Pack 2
IRWIN 30cm/12" Mini Clamp Twin Pack (XMS18MINI12)

£9.16 exc. VAT

No more getting caught short on those one-man jobs with this mini clamp twin pack. These make the perfect “extra pair of hands” on those smaller jobs or when space is tight.

With a 63kg clamping hold load, these clamps are designed to be fast and easy to operate and will leave no trace of ever being used, thanks to the non-marking pads.

STANLEY FatMax™ Aviation Snips 2
STANLEY FatMax™ Aviation Snips (XMS18AVSNIPS)

£7.49 exc. VAT

You can cut through virtually anything with these versatile Aviation Snips. You name it; aluminium, sheet uPVC, wire mesh, leather, cooper and plastic - helping you get the job done with ease.

They’re loved among builders and DIYers thanks to its serrated cutting edge which prevents slippage when cutting and it’s bi-material for extra comfort and grip

STANLEY FatMax™ Chalk Line Set 2
STANLEY FatMax™ Chalk Line Set (XMS18CHALK)

£7.49 exc. VAT

Never used chalk before? Well now it’s time. If you want a perfectly straight line over a long distance, then this reliable gadget will change your life forever.

Popular among carpenters and roofers, this set is convenient, durable and easy to use. It includes a good quality 30cm chalk line with a 45kg chalk capacity and a clear window to see remaining chalk levels. It also includes an ABS case, 113g blue chalk refill and fine tip black marker.

It’s one of our favourite on-site heroes!

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