STANLEY FatMax™ Pro Level Pack 120cm & 60cm
£33.33 (exc. VAT)

Arrive on site like a pro with this Pro Level Pack from STANLEY FatMax™. It provides improved all-round visibility and maximum accuracy of 0.5mm/m in 8 orientations.

5 times stronger than other Stanley levels make it the perfect choice for on-site construction work.

Every Stanley FatMax™ Level comes with a lifetime accuracy warranty giving you great value for years to come.

Contents: 1 x 60cm/2ft and 1 x 120cm/4ft spirit level.

STANLEY FatMax™ Pro Level Pack
BAHCO Adjustable Wrench Triple Pack
BAHCO Adjustable Wrench Triple Pack (XMS18ADJUST3)
£29.16 (exc. VAT)

All good things come in threes! This triple pack of adjustable wrenches feature a 16° head angle with no protruding shank when fully open and a knurled adjusting nut.

Each wrench features a phosphate finish with tapered jaws and a handy measurement scale on the fixed jaw.

The three sizes include 150mm/6”, 200mm/8” and 250mm/10”.

STANLEY 20oz Fibreglass Hammer
Stanley 20oz Fibreglass Hammer (XMS18FGHAM20)
£7.49 (exc. VAT)

It’s the curved claw hammer you’ve always wanted!

Thanks to its fibreglass core, it benefits from added strength and absorbs shock and vibrations. It’s not only lightweight but has a polished smooth face with a tempered rim to reduce chipping.

It’s a DIY-must have at such a bargain price.

ROUGHNECK Gorilla Junior Bar & Utility Bar Pack
Gorilla Junior Bar Utility Pack – 55cm & 37.5cm (XMS18GORBAR2)
£12.49 (exc. VAT)

It’s double the trouble in this twin-pack from Roughneck.

Choose to work with either the 55cm/22in bar or 37.5cm/15in bar, depending on the job in hand.

If you’re removing embedded nails, then the smaller bar is the perfect tool, thanks to its integral nail puller.

If you’re looking to increase your prying power, then the low-profile claw and wider claw surface on the bigger bar is ideal.

BAHCO Handsaw
BAHCO 55cm/22" Handsaw (XMS18SAW2600)
£8.33 (exc. VAT)

A handsaw that shouldn’t make your hands sore! Thanks to the hardpoint teeth and a black, friction-reducing blade coating, this Bahco handsaw produces very fast cutting on modern, medium hard materials such and chipboards or plastics.

With a thick blade and 9 teeth per inch, this will last up to 5 times longer than conventional handsaw. A must for any tool box.

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